Short size Matchlock gun(Hinawa Ju/Tanzutsu)

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Short size Matchlock gun(Hinawa Ju/Tanzutsu)
Signature : Mumei

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku Jyo saku and regular saku)
This Matchlock gun(Tanzutsu) belongs to Jyo Jyo Saku ranking.
Gun whole length: 38.0 cm or 14.96 inches.
Gun length : 21.3 cm or 8.38 inches.
kookie(Caliber) : 1.2cm or 0.47 inches.
The weight of the gun:685 grams.
Era: Middle Edo

Special feature: The matchlock gun, which is almost unused, and the short cylinder have a beautiful oak texture,
and the barrel has a good iron taste. The breech plug cannot be removed.
It was quite popular in the Edo period, but the production period was short
due to the release of cheap pistols from overseas, and matchlock short tubes are now very rare.

From Aoi Art: The matchlock gun was first introduced to Japan in 1543 (Tenbun 12).
In August of this year, a Portuguese with two matchlocks was washed ashore on Tanegashima.
Tanegashima Tokitaka, the lord of Tanegashima, paid them a lot of money to buy a matchlock gun.
Tanegashima Tokitaka and Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiharu, who obtained a matchlock gun through the Shimazu family,
will immediately try to domestically produce the matchlock gun. At that time,
it was the swordsmiths of Tanegashima and Omi’s Kunitomo who were ordered to duplicate,
and it is said that they succeeded in domestic production in just one year.
After that, Omi’s Kunitomo and Hino, Kishu’s Negoro, and Izumi’s Sakai prospered
as the main production areas for guns. When the gun was first introduced,
it was used by samurai because it was an expensive weapon,
but it is said that it became an Ashigaru weapon as it became more widespread.
During the Edo period, gun control was put in place, and it was forbidden for
anyone other than samurai to carry guns, except for hunting and warding off birds and beasts.
Since it was not allowed to make short tubes, most of the fuselage short tubes were unbranded
and moonshine, and therefore few. Moreover, there are really few guns left today and they are rare. Quoted from Wikipedia
This kind of Matchlock gun is few and precious.

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