Saber type Gunto: Mumei for officers in Imperial Japanese Army

Ordering number : F14166

Saber type Gunto.
Mei : Mumei (unsigned) for officers in Imperial Japanese Army

Whole length : 101.5 cm or 40.0 inches
The length of Saya : 87.5 cm or 34.4 inches
The length of Tsuka : 13.7cm or 5.39 inches

Special feature : The saber was used by officers Japanese Imperial Army for courtesy purpose. The original blade is made from stainless and the edge is dull (Can not cut).
Saya has some chipped and dent.
Engrave of cherry blossom in Tsuka is still keeping good condition.

Saya : Stainless steel.
Tsuba : Brass plate.
Tuka : Made from black horn.

Aoi art estimation paper.

Price : JPY 85,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)
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