Polishing of Osaka Tanba no Kuni Yoshimichi: No.4

August 24th 2014

The blog update was late as we were having hectic schedule including those days participating on San Francisco sword show.
We are currently removing all the rust by Kaisei-do or grindstone to remove the small rust and slight minor rust.
Despite of the many crumbling rust, now most of them are removed by Aratogi or rough polishing and those trace marks are now removed by the Kaisei-do.
From now on more fine polishing would be done. At this stage, we would ask for habaki and shirasaya making and then do
final polishing.
We would see you in 2 monthes time.
The polishing is not that hard but it is very profound. Highest quality polish is done with fine works.
Now I work hard to make the piece look even better than before.
We are keeping the promise with the owner of this blade to polish his blade completely. We hope you all could kindly follow the blog.

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