Production service for the swords purchased from our shop.

Katana (60-75cm) Wakizashi (30-59cm) Tanto (15-29cm) Kogatana Span
50,000JPY~ 45,000JPY~ 40,000JPY~ 20,000JPY~ 3month

With Tsuno-kuchi and Kaku-za : additonal cost 20,000~30,000JPY.
With Koppa-maki : additional cost 5,000 JPY
Tsunagi for Koshirae : 10,000 JPY

Single Silver Double Silver Shingle Gold Double Gold Single Solid Gold Double Solid Gold Span
30,000JPY~ 40,000JPY~ 50,000JPY~ 70,000JPY~ Vary according to Gold market price Vary according to Gold market price 1month~

Gold plating Solid Gold Tanto Span
20,000JPY~ 45,000JPY~ 25,000JPY~ 1month~

Katana Wakizashi Tanto Span
45,000JPY~ 30,000JPY~ 25,000JPY~ 1month

*If you want following production for your sword and if you want to send back from overseas, please be advised to send to our shop NO LATER than 20th of each month.
As many of you may already be aware, in Japan, there must be a license to every swords and firearms and that includes blades that are sent from overseas.
Recently the regulation in Tokyo for swords licensing has been changed again and again and again. It will take at least one month (using EMS) for us to receive, or 3 months at most, by using FedEx.

*If your Koshirae become lose to use for Iai or Batto practice, it’s not just uncomfortable but also dangerous.
In that case we recommend making leather Seppa by yourself.
We’d like explain how to make the leather Seppa.

1 Please put the Seppa on the leather and make the shape of Seppa.
2 please cut the leather as same as Seppa shape.
3 Please put the leather Seppa between Tsuba and regular Seppa.
4 Leather Seppa modify the movement of your sword.

Katana(not include fittings cost) Katana for Iai(include fittings cost. Fittings are modern age) Span Tsunagi
Sample Image
3 months~ 10,000JPY
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