Notice about 19128 Katana : Yoshioka Ichimonji

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A few days ago, We received the inquiry about #19128 Katana(Yoshioka Ichimonji) from a customer.
He pointed out the differences between 3 Oshigata(2 of them are made by NBTHK and 1 by us), saying the sword would be Gimei.

The picture below is from the Oshigata of NBTHK Jyuyo Token Zufu by Honma sensei.

1:NBTHK Jyuyo Oshigata looks poor and incorrect, especially the Kissaki is different and Hamon is weak.

2:Honma sensei’s Oshigata shows rather tight Hamon and Kissaki is different.
It looks like the the sword from Muromachi period, made by Norimotsu or Yasumitsu.

If the sword exactly looked like these Oshigata, the blade would not have passed Tokubetsu Jyuyo token.


This one is made by Aoi Art.

It took 4 hours and 30 minutes to make this Oshigata, and we take pride in this fantastic Oshigata showing the Hamon and every Hataraki in details.

We always make the Oshigata for every sword regardless of the price, the maker/school and the quality. Even if the sword is fake, we make a full effort to make Oshigata.

The reason we make Oshigata is to let you recognize the sword really well.
Many sword collectors will be satisfied with the fact that they have Japanese swords. but we hope you will enjoy the workmanship of the swords also.

Learning Oshigata gives you a lot about the sword. Especially when it comes to Koto swords, Boshi, Shinogi and Jigane are very important to appraise. Oshigata should show not only the Hamon but also every activities in the Hamon. The more look the Oshigata and the sword itself, the better eye for Japanese swords you have.

If you need our assistance, please feel free to ask us at anytime.

Kazushige Tsuruta / Aoi Art

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