Menuki:Mumei(attributed as Tokujo)(NBTHK the 56th Juyo Tosogu)

Ordering number: F22018
Menuki:(NBTHK the 56th Juyo Tosogu)
Mei (signature): Mumei(attributed as Tokujo)
(attached)Horeki 12 Nen Daikin 3 Mai Mitsutaka Origami

Length 1:2.75cm x 1.56cm(1.08inches x 0.61inches)
Length 2:2.69cm x1.53cm(1.05inches x 0.60inches)
Weight: 7g(both)

Jidai(era): The Edo Period

Special feature: Gold plate, peony and Shishi dogs are shape-engraved. They have Inyo-Kon.

(below cited from the Juyo paper)
The 5th head of the Goto Family, Tokujo, is a son of the 4th, Kojo, was born in Tenbun 19(1550). His Zokumyo was Genjiro, and later renamed as Shirobei. His Imina was Mitsumoto or Masaie. Although Goto family had been serving Ashikaga Shogunate family from the 1st Yujo, Ashikaga family went to ruin at the time of the 4th head, Kojo, and after that Kojo and Tokujo served Oda Nobunaga. After Nobunaga passed away, they served Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and they were ordered to do 3 functions of making Oban(gold coin), Bundo(balance weight for measuring), and Horimono(engraving: metal fittings).
This gold Menuki was judged by the 13th head Mitsutaka as the genuine work made by the 5th Tokujo, and issued an Origami paper in Horeki 12(1762) at the price of 3 gold coins. Shishi-dogs holding peony into their mouth look very powerful and full of energy. The gold is made really thin, elaborately and deeply bent for shape-engraving. Squeezing from the front side and the change pf elaborate shaping are really sophisticated. This works reflects the beautiful points of Tokujo more than ever. It was collected and preserved by one of the greatest merchants in Osaka, Konoike family.

NBTHK the 56th Juyo Tosogu Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price:3,200,000 JPY-.

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