Makie (Makie ) : Enkou Hogetsu

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Makie (Makie ) :

The picture frame : Width 86.5 cm x Depth 7 cm x Height 57 cm
(The picture frame : Width 34.05 inches x Depth 2.75 inches x Height 22.44 inches)
Jidai (era): Meiji period.

Special feature: The motif “Enkou Hogetsu” was decrated with Makie.
Makie is the technique of Japanese lacquer art.
The moon reflected on the surface of the water in the night.
The monkey stretch out its hand for that moon.
The monkeys are made of ivory. The nuts are made of red coral.
Gold is lavishly used. That give a luxurious atmosphere.
There are cracks in the bottom of the Makie’s frame.

Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : JPY 1,500,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)

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