Latest information for the areas we could ship swords (February 2nd, 2017)

The area able to ship by EMS

(Free shipping for Japanese swords except for the length over 100cm or heavy item such like an armor)

Australia (*Direct flight to Sydney airport)
Canada (*Direct flight to Vancouver airport)
Hong Kong (香港)
Russia (*Direct flight to Moscow)
Singapore (*import permission necessary in Singapore)
Taiwan (台湾)

The area able to ship by other courier with additional shipping fee

Argentina (C)
Australia (A)
Austria (B)
Brazil (C)
Canada (A)
Columbia (C)
Mexico (C)
Netherlands (B)
Poland (C)
Switzerland (B)
Sweden (B)
South Africa (C)

Category (A) : Courier accepted Door-to-Door delivery with additional charge. We are also able to choose EMS to some of the area by direct flight and Door-to-Door delivery for these countries.
Category (B) : Courier accepted Door-to-Door delivery with additional charge.
Category (C) : Courier accepted Door-to-Door delivery with additional charge.
Category (D) : We could ship to the country but you have to pick up the parcel by your self at the airport.

We do not have permission to ship Japanese swords to following countries.

Afghanistan (X)
China (X) (*Exceptionally we are able to ship only to Hong Kong by direct flight.)
Iraq (X)
Iran (X)
North Korea (X)
Syria (X)
Ukraine (X)
Russia (X) (*Exceptionally we are able to ship to Moscow by direct flight.)
Countries in northern and mid Africa (X)

Please feel free to ask us for shipping to the country not listed in this page.

If you make a purchase and visit our shop by your self to pick up after the export license applied, we have no problem for selling. Usually it will take about 3 weeks to make export license apply.

Please note ; for shipping Japanese swords, Administrative Guidance directed for the parcel / Invoice must be declared with appropriate item names and correct amount. We could not be responsible for any operations out from our regulations. In case if return happen by any reason (cancelation, delivery trouble, etc…), item name and amount, and also the items contained in the parcel must be exactly same as when those were exported from Japan or return could be rejected / item would be confiscated by Japan Customs with some penalties.
Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.

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