Kozuka:Mumei Made of shakudo. The design is Ataka (No) Seki,

Ordering number:F05070

In a box made of paulownia wood.
Signature: Unsigned.
Made of shakudo. The design is Ataka (No) Seki, the Ataka Barrier. It is a famous historical fact and a heroic tale performed on the Noh play and the kabuki . Minamoto (No) Yoshitsune, a younger brother of Minamoto (No) Yoritomo who was the Barbarian-subduing Generalissimo at that time was breaking through the Ataka Barrier with followers at the head of monk soldier Musashibo-Benkei shaking off Yoritomo’s pursuers in 1187. Benkei had the tact to settle the matter and the keeper of the Barrier passed them in consideration of Benkei’s good conduct.

Price : JPY 70,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)
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