Kozuka(Kogai-Naoshi): Mumei (Ko-Goto)

Ordering number : F21239

Mei (signature) : Mumei (Ko-Goto)

Length : 22.3cm x 1.47cm x 0.78cm ( 8.77 inches x 0.57 inches x 0.37inches )
Jidai(era) : Muromachi period.
Special feature: Shakudo Nanako plate. Deers and maple leaves are engraved with gold color and inlays. This Kozuka was made from Kogai so it is thicker more than usual. The Kogatana has Mei but it is blurred so we can not read it. Kozuka and Kogatana are unremovable.

In Kiri Box
NBTHK Hozon paper
AOI estimation paper

Price : 100,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

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