Kozuka:Horie Okinari.

Ordering number:F05159

In a box of paulownia wood made to order.
Signature: Horie Okinari.
Era: Late Edo period.
A mouse, eggplant and kidney bean are carved with taka-bori, gold and silver iroe.
Okinari, went under the name Yajuro, learned under Hamano Masayuki at the age of 15, signed Sasuyuki on his early works. Later he also learned under Omori Teruhide and Ozaki Naomasa. Okinari served the Hachisuka family, a Daimyo of the domain of Tokushima and trained pupils.
Influenced by Ozaki Naomasa, Okinari had the presence of the Goto style.

Price : JPY 80,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)
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