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Ken in Shirasaya

Signature: Amakuni

We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo Saku, Jyojyo Saku, Jyo Saku and Regular Saku.
This work is ranked as Jyo Saku for Amakuni.
Habaki: Silver single layer.
Blade Length: 22.6 cm (8.90 in).
Curvature: 0.0 cm.
Mekugi Hole: 3.
Width at Base (Motohaba): 2.06 cm (0.81 in).
Thickness of rim (Kasane): 0.65 cm (0.26 in).
Sword Weight: 140 grams (4.94 oz).
Era: Early Muromachi period.
Shape: The sword appears to be an old sword.
Jigane: Koitame, well-forged, with fine grain structure and visible utsuri.
Hamon: Straight temper line with a slightly rounded tip.

Features: Amakuni is said to be the ancestor of swordsmiths, dating back to the Asuka period in 701. However, this piece does not match that era. The patina on the tang gives an impression of age, likely indicating it is from the early Muromachi period. Although it is a fake, if the signature were removed, it could qualify as an Hozon Token. However, removing the signature would not change the price, so I have decided to keep it. Swords of this type are rare, and this one has a clean and healthy appearance, leaving a good impression.

Aoi Art’s Comment: Although it is said to be a work from the Asuka period in 701 by Amakuni, it is unfortunately likely to be from the early Muromachi period. We will sell it as is, without any guarantee. It is a well-made piece in good condition.
One of the Hatome is missing.

Aoi Art estimation paper.
Whole Oshigata.
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