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Katana:Mumei (Naoe Shizu)(25th Juyo Token)

Ordering number:AS24254

Katana in Shirasaya (25th Juyo Token)

Signature: Mumei (Naoe Shizu)

Sayagaki: Naoe Shizu.
Osuriage suriage mumei.
Blade length is 2 shaku 3 sun 7 bu.
Inscribed by Kanzan in summer of Showa 52 (1977).

Daimyo registration: Sado No. 855, dated March 30, 1951.
We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo Saku, Jyojyo Saku, Jyo Saku and Regular Saku.
This work is ranked as Saijyo Saku.
Habaki: Gold foil single layer.
Blade length: 2 shaku 3 sun 7 bu (69.7 cm, 27.44 in).
Curvature: 7 bu (2.12 cm, 0.83 in).
Mekugi holes: 2.
Width at base: 2.82 cm (1.11 in).
Width at tip: 2.06 cm (0.81 in).
Thickness: 0.58 cm (0.23 in).
Sword weight: 645 grams (1.42 lbs).
Era: Nanbokucho period, 1345.
Shape: Greatly suriage mumei, standard width and thickness, bo-hi carved on both sides, long kissaki.
Jigane: Fine ko-itame mixed with mokume, with chikei, resulting in excellent jigane.
Hamon: Ko-gunome mixed, bright and clear, showing the unique hamon of Naotsuna Shizu.

Features: Naoe Shizu refers to the followers of Kanetsugu and Kanetsune, students of Kaneuji who moved to Naoe. During the Nanbokucho period, they flourished, known for itame hada mixed with nagare hada, ko-notare, and gunome midare with prominent sunagashi. This piece has prominent chikei, showcasing excellent polish.

Aoi Art’s Comment: This piece has prominent chikei, resulting in a superb jigane and a well-balanced shape.

25th Juyo Token.
Aoi Art estimation paper.
Whole Oshigata.

Auction Staritng price:3,000,000 JPY

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