Katana:Bizen Osafune Ju Sukesada(not guaranteed)

Ordering number: 21064
Katana in Shirasaya

Signature: Bizen Osafune Ju Sukesada(not guaranteed)

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyo-jyo saku Jyo saku and regular saku)
This sword belongs to Jyo-saku ranking.
The blade is polished.
Habaki: Copper plate, gold color single Habaki.
Blade length:75.8cm or 29.8inches.
Sori:2.576cm or 1.01inches.
Width at the hamachi:3.01cm or 1.18inches.
Width at the Kissaki:2.5cm or 1.18inches.
Kasane:0.7cm or 0.27inches.
The weight of the sword:845grams.
Era: End of Edo period.
Shape: Wide and thick sword with O-Kissaki. Bo-hi is engraved on both side.
Jigane: Ko-Itame-Hada well grained. Jinie attached and Chikei and Utsuri visible.
Hamon: Nioideki style Gunome-Midare mixed, Jigane worked. Boshi is Midarekomi round shape.

Special feature: This sword has Mei as Bizen Osafune Ju Sukesada but we do not guarantee it. Sukesada usually carve his name Bishu but never carve Bizen, so we think this sword can not pass NBTHK Shinsa. Also this sword’s Kissaki is about
10cm, but there is no Bizen sword like this. But the quality of the sword is good, so if you erase the Mei, we think the sword will pass.

Aoi Art estimation paper: whole Oshigata.
*Please note: The price does not include shipping fees.

Price:400,000 JPY-.
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