Katana: Chikushu Ju So Tsutomu Tsukuru Kore (Mukansa swordsmith)(NBTHK Hozon Token)(consignment sale)

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Katana: In Shirasaya (NBTHK Hozon Token)(consignment sale)

Inscription (Mei): Chikushu Ju So Tsutomu Tsukuru Kore (Mukansa swordsmith)
Heisei 5 Nen Shogatsuhi
(Made by So Tsutomu from Chikushu Province in January of Heisei 5th Year, 1993)

At our company, we categorize swords as Saijo saku (top quality), Jojo saku (excellent), Jo-saku (good), and Futsu-saku (normal) based on the skill of the swordsmith. This work is classified as Jojo-saku, signifying its excellent craftsmanship.

Habaki: Gold foiled double Habaki
Blade Length: 75.2 cm (29.61 inches)
Curvature (Sori): 1.8 cm (0.71 inches)
Peg Hole (Mekugi-ana): 1 hole
Width at the Base (Motohaba): 3.38 cm (1.33 inches)
Width at the Tip (Sakihaba): 2.63 cm (1.03 inches)
Thickness (Kasane): 0.73 cm (0.29 inches)
Sword Weight: 885 grams
Era: Modern Times
Shape: The sword has a wide body with a solid kasane, and it features a slightly deep sori and an elongated kissaki, representing a beautiful shape typical of modern times.
Jigane (Forging Patterns in Steel): The steel displays a finely crafted itame hada with a beautiful jigane pattern, showing excellent skill in forging.
Hamon (Temper Pattern): The hamon exhibits a lively gunome-midare pattern with a slightly deep nioiguchi. It also features sunagashi and active kinsuji. The boshi returns in a sweeping fashion, and the blade has a prominent sori.

Special Features: So Tsutomu was a contemporary swordsmith born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1927. He learned the art of swordsmithing from his father, So Masamitsu, who studied under Komiyashiro Kunitaka. He began exhibiting his swords at the Shinsaku Meitou-ten (Contemporary Masterpiece Sword Exhibition) in 1955 and received numerous awards. He is recognized as a Mukansa swordsmith. His swords, often following the style of Chikuzen and Yamashiro traditions, are highly regarded for their deep nioiguchi and turbulent hamon patterns, attracting many collectors.

From Aoi Art: This work by So Tsutomu is a masterpiece in the style of Kiyomaro. The steel shows a well-crafted itame hada with a rich jigane pattern, and the hamon features active gunome-midare with sunagashi and abundant kinsuji, making it a top-quality piece. The blade exhibits a sharp and elegant curvature. So Tsutomu’s exceptional skill elevated the standards of contemporary swords, and his focus on creating his own steel for the jigane resulted in outstanding works. This sword is a testament to So Tsutomu’s high level of craftsmanship, which has contributed to the quality of modern swords.

NBTHK Hozon Token paper
Aoi Art estimation paper: Whole Oshigata
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Price:900,000 JPY-.

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