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Katana in Koshirae

Signature: Jumyo

We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo Saku, Jyojyo Saku, Jyo Saku, and Regular Saku. This piece is ranked as Jyojyo Saku for its quality under the name Jumyo. Polished
Habaki: Silver single Habaki
Blade Length: 68.3 cm (26.89 in)
Curvature: 1.5 cm (0.59 in)
Mekugi Holes: 2
Width at Base (Motohaba): 2.82 cm (1.11 in)
Width at the Point (Sakihaba): 1.97 cm (0.78 in)
Thickness of rim (Kasane): 0.7 cm (0.28 in)
Sword Weight: 755 grams
Era: Kanbun era of the Edo period
Shape: Features a good shape with an extended point and an appropriate curvature, includes about 5 cm (1.97 in) of raised area.
Jigane: Fine Ko-Itame Hada with clear Ji-nie and a beautiful steel appearance.
Hamon: Notare mixed with Gunome reminiscent of the base, with variations and activities such as Sunagashi and Kinsuji, and the Boshi returns roundly.

Features: This katana, crafted around the Kanbun era of the Edo period under the name Jumyo, is famous for its fine signature and beautifully designed Koshirae with scattered mother-of-pearl inlay in the Saya. It is adorned with small ushiro and chestnut shapes among other fittings, which are similarly inlaid with silver lines on an iron base. Jumyo is considered auspicious, believed to extend one’s life, and was often given as a gift in business or family celebrations. As a lucky charm, it was frequently presented to superiors or esteemed individuals. The Tanto in Koshirae is also highly recommended for its excellent craftsmanship. If you want to ask us to polish this sword, the additional polishing cost will be JPY60,000.

Koshirae: Han-Dachi Koshirae
Tsuba: Mokko-gata iron Tsuba with a pattern. The signature reads Yoshimitsu but is unclear.
Fuchikashira: Iron base with silver inlay decoration.
Menuki: High-relief carving of a person with color painting in gold.
Kojiri: Iron base with a silver tip pattern inlaid.

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Whole Oshigata
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