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Katana:Bushu Junin Yaguwa Yasutake (Mukansa Swordsmith).(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Ordering number:AS23293

Katana in Koshirae (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Bushu Junin Yaguwa Yasutake 武州住人八鍬靖武 (Mukansa Swordsmith)
Forged for Kaneko Hideo's 42-year-old unlucky year prayer.
"This sword has the spirit of governing the country, home, and mind. The gleaming blade will cut through Oni demons with a single flash." October 13, Showa 47 (1972).

We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo Saku, Jyojyo Saku, Jyo Saku and Regular Saku.
This sword is ranked as Jyo Saku for Yaguwa Yasutake.

Habaki: Silver double-layered Habaki.
Blade Length: 78.9 cm (31.06 in)
Curvature: 2.1 cm (0.83 in)
Mekugi Hole: 1
Width at Base: 3.54 cm (1.39 in)
Width at Tip: 2.61 cm (1.03 in)
Thickness: 0.88 cm (0.35 in)
Sword Weight: 1155 grams
Era: Showa 47 (1972)
Shape: The blade is wide at 3.54 cm, thick, with an extended kissaki and deep curvature.
It has a robust and sturdy appearance.There remains 4 cm of Ububa.
Jigane: Well-forged small itame hada, resulting in a fine jigane with a temper line extending to the shinogi.
Hamon: Nioi-based gunome midare with active ha, sunagashi, and kinsugi activities.

Features: Yaguwa Yasutake was born in 1909 (Meiji 4) in Yamagata Prefecture.
He studied under Ikeda Kazumitsu, a disciple of Suishinshi Masahide.
He moved to Tokyo in Showa 10 (1935) and became a Yasukuni Shrine swordsmith.
He joined the Nihonto Tanrenkai and learned there.
After being active as a Yasukuni swordsmith, he was awarded the name "Yasutake" by the Minister of the Army.
With the end of the war, sword making was prohibited, but he resumed sword production with permission in Showa 29 (1954).
He actively participated as a Mukansa swordsmith, winning the Masamune Prize and gaining fame as a prominent swordsmith.
This is a splendid work by a Mukansa swordsmith.

Koshirae: Modern sword fittings
Tsuba: Round openwork tsuba
Fuchikashira: Engraved with spiral patterns
Saya: Black lacquer saya
Menuki: Design of military fans and command batons

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper
Aoi Art Estimation Paper
Whole Oshigata

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