Katakama Yari:Mumei(unsigned)

Ordering number:AF19561
Katakama Yari: with Box
Mei: Mumei(unsigned)

Total blade length: 23.3cm(9.17inches)
Width: 9.55cm(3.75inches)
Weight: 227g
Box size: 30.2cm x 12.3cm x 9.6cm(11.8inches x 4.84inches x 3.77inches)

Special feature: Katakama Yari is famous for the Yari used by Kato Kiyomasa, a warrior at the Sengoku era. It has a shape of Jumonji Yari, but one the the blades are shaped like it is missing. The blade is short enough not to get export permit, we can send this item right away to overseas.

Aoi Art estimation paper
with Box

Auction starting Price:40,000 JPY-.
(NOT including shipping fee to overseas)

The item was sold at the auction

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