Jutte : Mumei

Ordering number : F16082

Jutte :
Mei(signature) : Mumei

Length : about 38.0 cm or 14.96 inches.
Weight: 435 grams.
Jidai : Late Edo period.

Special feature : This Jutte is made from iron. The stick is octagoal shape.
Tsuka seems to be wrapped by leather or rattan with lacquer.
Tip of the handle is a circular rounded. That is a hole through which string passes. That piece is able to spin, so the string does not tangle.
Jutte was used by law enforcement officers (called Okappiki or Doshin) during Edo period.
This Jutte is compact but made very tough.

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Price : 45,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

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