Hinawaju: Mumei

Ordering number: AS21201
Hinawaju(Bajyo-zutsu)(Consignment sale)
Signature: Mumei

This Hinawa Jyu belongs to the Saijyo saku ranking.

Length: 52,5cm or 20.6 inches
Barrel  length 35,1cm or 13.8 inches
Caliber :1,2cm
Weight:1205 grams
JIdai(era) middle Edo period.

Specil feature: Dragons, flowers, bird and Shishi dog are engraved with high-quality brass inlay. Different from regular Hinawaju, this one is same as guns which called Bajo-zutsu. Bazyo-zutsu is medium size Hinawaju and use while riding horse for hunting and battle. The rifle range is about 30m.

From Aoi Art: From the design, we think it was made for feudal lord. This type of Hinawaju was popular around middle of Edo period but at around end of Edo period, European gun was import to Japan and it has higher performance than Japanese gun, so people stop to make Hinawaju.
This is one of the best Hinawaju and the quality is same as the guns which are exhibit at museums, it also has a designated Kiri box, and also ballets and bullet holder. We strongly recommend you the highest-ranking Hinawaju.

Kiri box
Aoi Art estimation paper
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Auction starting Price : 1,250,000 JPY-.

The item was sold at the auction

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