Ordering number:F21388
Futatokoromono: Menuki/Kozuka
The 61st NBTHK Juyo Fitting
with a judgement paper written by Goto Mitsukuni in Makie Box.

(We divide 4 sections for each item as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku Jyo saku and regular saku)
This fitting belongs to Saijyo saku ranking.

Length1:3.12cm x 1.23cm(1.22inches x 0.48inches)
Length2:3.33cm x 1.35cm(1.31inches x 0.53inches)
Special Feature:Shakudo plate, Musashibo Benkei and Ushiwakamaru are engraved with gold color.

Length:9.61cm x 1.38cm(3.78inches x 0.54inches)
Special Feature:Shakudo-Nanako plate, the battle on the Gojo Bridge between Musashibo Benkei and Ushiwakamaru is engraved with gold color.

-The Battle of Gojo Bridge-
Benkei was said to have wandered around Kyoto every night on a personal quest to take 1000 swords from samurai warriors, who he believed were arrogant and unworthy. After collecting 999 swords through duels and looking for his final prize, he met a young man playing a flute at Gojotenjin Shrine in Kyoto. The much shorter man supposedly carried a gilded sword around his waist. Instead of dueling at the shrine itself, the two walked to Gojo Bridge in the city where the bigger Benkei ultimately lost to the smaller warrior, who happened to be Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a son of Minamoto no Yoshitomo. Not long after the duel, Benkei, frustrated and looking for revenge, waited for Yoshitsune at the Buddhist temple of Kiyomizu, where he lost yet again. Henceforth, he became Yoshitsune’s retainer and fought with him in the Genpei War against the Taira clan.
From 1185 until his death in 1189, Benkei accompanied Yoshitsune as an outlaw.
*quoted from Wikipedia.

-Goto Teijo-
9th generation of Goto family, Teijo who was born in Keicho 8, is a second son of 7th generation Kenjo. His childhood name was Genichirou, which is the same as his father. In Kanei 1 his father shaved his head and became a priest and named himself as Kenjo, Teijo succeeded 2nd generation Ribei and named himself as Ribei Mitsumasa at the age of 22.
After that because the 8th generation Mitsushige died at the age of 32 and the successor, Kameichi(Renjo) was only 4 years old, Kenjo succeeded to the head of family temporarily, and Teijo succeeded 9th generation. When Renjo became 18 years old, he gave him 10th generation and supported him until he became 25 years old.
Additionally he worked at Kaga Maeda Family every other year with Enjo, a son of Kakujo, and contributed greatly to the growth of Kaga Hyakumangoku Culture.
This work is a masterpiece which describes the scene of the battle at Gojo Bridge, fought by Benkei and Ushiwakamaru. The background is beautiful and two guys are engraved as if they are living now and stand in front of us.
A judgement paper written by Etsujo Mitsukuni, a son of Teijo, is attached, it is a strong evidence as well as the signature by the metalsmith himself. This kind of paper is very rare and valuable. The work is filled with energy, rare with unique style, has a rare judgement paper: we truly recommend this masterpiece for you.

NBTHK Juyo Paper(the 61st)
Aoi Art estimation paper

Price:2,600,000 JPY-.

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