Fuchi Kashira: Mumei (attributed as Ayakoji Nagamine)

Ordering number: AF21414
Fuchi Kashira: (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper)
Mei (signature): Mumei (attributed as Ayakoji Nagamine)

Fuchi Length:3.85cm x 2.37cm x 1.32cm(1.51inches x 0.93inches x 0.51inches)

Kashira Length:3.48cm x 1.87cm x 1.00cm(1.37inches x 0.73inches x 0.39inches)

Jidai(era): Edo Period

Special feature: Shakudo-Nanako plate, Seioubo and Kanbutei are engraved with inlay and gold color painting. Koberi is made of gold.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper
AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Auction starting Price:185,000 JPY-.

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