Change to International Shipping (IMPORTANT)

Due to the regulation change, please let us know your country we may export, when you make a purchase on any swords or Hinawa-Ju (matchlock gun).
countries could not carry the parcel with Japanese sword to some of the countries; we have to confirm to each courier.

Generally, following countries are able to ship free charge, insurance for the item price up to ¥2,000,000 (JPY) in maximum amount included in price.

Finland (New!)
Belgium (New!)
Singapore (import permission necessary in Singapore)
Hong Kong (import permission necessary in Hong Kong)
Thailand (import permission necessary in Thailand)
Indonesia (import permission necessary in Indonesia)
*Russia (direct flight to Moscow) (New!)
*Australia (direct flight to Sydney airport)
*Canada (direct flight to Vancouver airport)

(A parcel can weigh up to 20kg and must be less than 150cm in length and less than 20cm in diameter for free shipping.
We have to ask for additional charge for oversized object such like full set of armor, long spear, etc…)

For shipping to any other countries, we have to contact to other couriers and investigate they are able to carry by air transportation with appropriate clearance. Area able to ship Japanese swords may change by some political reasons.
We could not ship Japanese swords to any regions of conflict.

Please note ; for shipping Japanese swords, Administrative Guidance directed for the parcel / Invoice must be declared with appropriate item names and correct amount.
To make export permission apply for any swords takes about 3 weeks or more.
We have to declare item price with the order number written on every paperworks such like invoice, waybill and export license.
We could not be responsible for any operations out from our regulations.
In case if return happen by any reason (cancelation, delivery trouble, etc…), item name, amount, and also the set contained in the parcel must be exactly same as when those were exported from Japan for us to receive.
Japan Customs are very sensitive for importing Japanese swords and Customs clearance usually takes more then a month(s).
Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.

The area we could support shipping are extending.
Please feel free to ask us for shipping charge if your country is not listed in this page.

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