Book: Tsuba no Bi(The Beauty of Tsuba)(Author: Susumu Kashima)

Book: TsubanoBi(The Beauty of Tsuba)

Author: Susumu Kashima
Publication Date: January 15, 1970
Publisher: Otsuka Kogeisha

Dimensions: 32.0cm x 23.0cm x 3.2cm
Weight (before packaging): About 1990 grams
*Shipping not included

“Tsuba has developed as one of the sword fittings. In addition to the guard, sword fittings include kozuka (small knife), kogai (hair arranger), menuki (ornaments), and fuchikashira (pommel and collar), which together first showcase the beauty of sword mounting. Among these sword fittings, tsuba features many highlights, making even a single guard a splendid craftwork worthy of appreciation. … (to be continued)”


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Price: 5,000 yen

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