Book: Meihin Katana Ezu Shusei(written by Mr.Tanobe)

Ordering number: AF23373

Book: Meihin Katana Ezu Shusei
Writer : Tanabe Michihiro
Publishing office: Otsuka Kogeisya

Size : H 52.5 cm x W 38.0 cm x D 4.0 cm
(H 20.66 inches x W 14.96 inches x D 1.57 inches)
Weight: 7.57Kg (without packing)

This is a large book by Mr.Tanobe.
Many famous swords are featured in this book.
This book is of great documentary value.
Limited to 600 copies, this book is difficult to obtain and is highly recommended.

Auction starting Price:50,000 JPY-.*Please note: The price does not include the shipping fee.

The item was sold at the auction

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