Tsuba:Mumei(attributed as Sendai Kinko)

Ordering number: F21538
Tsuba:(NBTHK Hozon Paper)
Mei (signature) : Mumei(attributed as Sendai Kinko)

Length:7.87cm x 7.41cm(3.09inches x 2.91inches)
Thickness of rim:0.40cm(0.15inches)
Jidai(era): The Edo period
Weight: 117g

Special feature: Tatemaru-shaped iron Tsuba. Kikumon crests are engraved and arabesque is painted by inlay colors. The rim is Kawari-Dote-Nawame-Mimi.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price:120,000 JPY-.

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