Tsuka: Autumn Plant and Peony Design

Ordering number : F15581


Tsuka maximum Length : 20.5cm ( 8.07inches)
Fuchi Length : 3.8cm x 2.3cm ( 1.5inches x 0.91 inches)
Kashira Length : 3.5cm x 2cm( 1.38inches x 0.79inches)
Width of Nakago: 3cm x 0.8cm ( 1.18inches x 0.31inches)
Era: Edo Period
Fuchikashira: Shakudo nanakoji plate with autumn plant design engraved.
Menuki: Shakudo plate with peony design engraved and inlaid with gold.

Special Feature: Shiro-Same(white rayskin) and Shiro silk ito string elegant tsuka.

Aoi estimation paper

Price : 150,000 JPY (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)
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