Sword Polish
Katana (60-75cm) Wakizashi (30-59cm) Tanto (15-29cm) Span
120,000Yen 110,000Yen 80,000Yen 3month-
High Rank Polish
200,000Yen 150,000Yen 130,000Yen 3month-
Mukansa Polish
300,000Yen 250,000Yen 200,000Yen 6month-

Nuguinaoshi (Touch up polish)
Katana Wakizashi Tanto Span Nugui Sample
31,500JPY 26,250JPY 21,000JPY 1~2weeks Sample Image

What is Touch up polish(nuguinaoshi)?
Generally Japanese swords become darker jigane and Hamon after cleaning so long time long terms.
In that case, if you ask us to touch up polish, the blade will be changed a lot bright, shiny, marvelous first stage which was polished the blade.

* Please note : We can’t accept a rusted sword by the nugui polish.(in order to remove the rust, regular polishing is necessary.)

We show the pictures of the touch up polish which is called Nuguinaoshi (please check “Sample Image”).

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