Kabuto: 64 plates Hoshi kabuto.

Ordering number : F10168

Kabuto: 64 plates Hoshi kabuto.

Signature: mumei(unsigned)

Maetate:On the iron plate, family crest is painted by gold color.
Fukikaeshi:family crest.
Shikoro:4 iron plates.
Mabisashi:on the iron plate, black Urusi lacquer nurd painted but some parts are de touched.
Jidai:Earky Edo period.
weigth:2375 grams

Special feature : This Kabuto is 64 plates with spread all over
by Hoshi(stars) which is pretty nice condition.
The Kabuto is unsigned but gorgeous nice item.

Back ground of the history:At keicyo 8th Febm 12 Ieyasu appointed
as the generalissimo shogun and he established the Edo Shogunate.

Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : JPY 450,000-. (shipping costs not included in price)
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